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We are into processing of various fresh
AGRO produce into CONVINIENT food products & processed
AGRO raw materials.

HoneyPlus Collection

For your healthy family balanced diet

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For your healthy family balanced diet

Shea butter Spread

A nutritious way of satisfying breakfast

Sweetened hair food

Proves hair growth and gives your hair the needed nutrient to flourish.

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Essential products for your daily nutritional needs and balanced diet

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Vision and Mission

Our aspiration into what we do and how we intend to achieve it.

Mission (The Problem)

1. High quantity of post harvest losses, responsible for an approximate
annual lost of about 13 billion naira.
2. Acute level of malnutrition in society most especially amongst
children less than five(5) years of age


Our Vision (The Solution)

Utilizing the backward integration model as an intervensionstrategy
to mitigate the high level of post harvest waste through rural primary
process centres.


Business model

Our business model is build around sustainable revenue generation from our Products/Services designed and develop to meet the increasing demand of the target customer (B2C2B).


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