About Us

We Work Hard To Provide You The Best Quality Products

 We are into value addition, processing of various fresh
AGRO produce into CONVINIENT food products & processed
AGRO raw materials.

Our Company

KORROK TECHNOLOGIES LTD, is an AGRO Processing company
registered in Nigeria with the cooperate affairs commission 
of Nigeria (C.A.C) RC 1117930

A vital part of our activity is service delivery to our rural strategic partners via an OUTGROWER scheme run through an organized cooperative membership scheme. We are members of various business promotion organizations. 

Our business model is build around sustainable revenue generation from our Products/Services designed to meet the increasing demand of the targeted customer (B2C2B), these products being convinient food products and industrial raw materials.

Our Team

We at Korrok are paasionate and lovely people, working togather to achieve a single goal. Our differences is put aside and love leads us.

Jessica Gordon

Founder and CEO

Bryan Joes


Angella Mike

Head of Marketing & Distribution

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